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I found it to be far better and easier to use than the many other books i was using. The pacing is good, and it is a serious study material, but still fun and enjoyable to read. Im studying japanese philology at my uni since almost three years. Genki 1 isnt specifically geared towards it, but theres a large amount of overlap. We used shokyu no nihongo both parts and basic kanji books. You might bump into a words or phrases you dont know, but the grammar and kanji should be pretty much at the right level. It was the first book, after having tried several other phrasetype books, that gave me the training i needed to start producing basic language sourced from my own brain. Genki second edition with a lovely mp3 cd an awesome textbook that teaches you the basics of japanese grammar in two volumes and 25 lessons. An integrated course in elementary japanese workbook i second edition japanese edition japanese and english edition 2nd edition edition. Learn japanese with memrise and, when you get tired, listen to this audio with your eyes closed. This book includes answers for all genki textbooks and workbooks exercises, as well as a transcription of the recordings for listening comprehension isbn.

This is also an advantage of genki curriculum compared to minna no. So if you want to master the japanese language, here is my advice as. Of course, alongside improving your reading skills, this book will teach you grammar, vocabulary, listening and conversation. These plus the minna no nihongo books video out soon make up a. It is more indepth and covers more ground than other textbooks on this list. An integrated course in elementary japanese answer.

This website offers essential information on every kanji that appear in the major japanese language textbooks for elementary level. Though primarily meant for use in collegelevel classes, it is also a good guide for independent learners and is a nice resource book for teachers of japanese. It is used in many universities throughout the englishspeaking world and also is often used as a selfstudy text. Genki 1 2, learning japanese for beginners 4 book bundle. I like that the genki book has vocab, grammar, exercises and reading comprehension in one book the reading comprehension stuff is really nice to see your progress. From the word choice, to the explanations, to the practice problems this book excels. Genki is a highly acclaimed series of integrated resources for learning elementary japanese through a wellbalanced approach to all four language skill areasspeaking, listening, reading, and writing. The book is divided into 12 themed chapters, covering speaking, listening, reading and. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Thara favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite. It is a great place to start if youre new to learning japanese grammar, and itll make your life easier when you turn the page from the elementary to the intermediate level. Genki 1 pdf book was written by japnese writer eri banno, yoko sakane, yutaka. First up in the series of nonsponsored, genuine looks at the most popular ways of studying japanese right now are the genki books.

Those are really good sets of books for n3 level study. In the space of three years fulltime study with primarily genki 1 and 2 i was comfortably at around level 3, approaching 2 though never did the. I have a deck of roughly 2000 cards from the new version of the understanding basic japanese grammar textbook its actually the new version of the book recommended on ajatt all typed out with voice added and ready to go once i have finished genki book 2. An integrated course in elementary japanese second edition. Is one year and genki i sufficient to prepare for jlpt n5. Thank you so much i am from india i am learning japanese still cant afford to buy a japanese book.

One is to simply report it, and the other is offered as a means of explanation. Id also recommend shinkanzen master n4 grammar shore up your genki grammar and n3 grammar alongside your tobira material, and a dictionary of basic japanese grammar and intermediate japanese grammar. Grammar lecture videos specifically designed for genki. The textbook is divided into two volumes, containing 23 lessons focusing on japanese grammar, vocabulary, and kanji. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Kanji used in the genki textbook series the genki japanese textbook series, created by the japan times, is the most widely used japanese textbook globally, according to a survey conducted by the japan foundation in 2012 1. Handmade turbocharged flashcards for genki, the critically acclaimed japanese textbook for busy people. This is the best all around book for beginners learning japanese in english. An integrated course in elementary japanese 1 3rd by eri banno isbn. So lets start the post, genki is a two volume japanese textbook published by the japan times in 1999 and it was revised and updated into a second edition in 2011. You can easily access kanji that appear in genki i and ii, and.

This new tool offers 2 short video skits that present the sentence patterns studied in genki. It took a while, but nowadays i speak every day in japanese, in business and often on tv as well as having regular articles and columns, in japanese, in the japanese press. Be warned though that its all in japanese, including the instructions. Selfstudy room offers a variety of online materials to support your learning with genki textbooks. Genki 1 2, learning japanese for beginners 4 book bundle set, an. Next is a very famous japanese textbook, the genki series. The same characters appear throughout the book, so you can follow their stories. My experience working through the japanese textbook genki i and techniques i use to maximize efficiency. Moreover, there are questions sections that allow students to build their. Genki 1 2, learning japanese for beginners 4 book bundle set, an integrated course in elementary workbook and textbook with original sticky notes eri banno, yoko ikeda, yutaka ohno on. The workbook for genki i contains grammar exercises, listening practices, and kanji drills.

Genki vocab cards is a digital vocabulary card app that. This segment is designed to boost students knowledge of japan through materials about japanese society and everyday life. Because of this, minna no nihongo is very highly rated among people who want to achieve a high level of japanese. The book is divided into 23 themed chapters and covers speaking, listening, reading and writing to cultivate overall language ability. Genki vocab cards is a digital vocabulary card app that enables. Frankly, genkis explanations of japanese grammar are just occasionally wrong, putting teachers in an awkward position of having to correct the textbook or, worse still, having less experienced teachers believe those mistakes. This is the second edition of the highly regarded textbook on the japanese language. Used in many japanese language courses around the world. I absolutely recommend this book for anyone learning japanese. Looking at the summary of what is required for n5, yes. The site, on top of the video lessons, offers 12 powerpoint presentations with all the key elementary grammar points. Explanations are kept concise so as to only cover key points. It completes the elementary level study of the japanese grammar as well as some 300 kanji and 1,100 vocabulary in the 23 lessons of genki i and ii.

Genki 1 2, learning japanese for beginners 4 book bundle set, an integrated course in elementary workbook and textbook with original sticky notes. Which book is better for selflearning japanese for. Genki is a two volume japanese textbook published by the japan times in. This is second book in one of the most highly regarded japanese texbook series.

The entire knowledge of the genki curriculum is combined into one. How i struggled with and overcame japanese grammar. Genki 1 is a unique set of textbooks with the aim of facilitating readers to purchase. Supplementary learning material for the text genki ii beginners japanese, including grammar practices and the chinese characters kanji. The books are easy to use and have cute illustrations.

An integrated course in elementary japanese english and japanese edition by eri banno yoko ikeda yutaka ohno 20110210 yoko ikeda author 4. Genki is a highly popular series of japanese books for beginners. Genki takes basic japanese grammar rules, explains them thoroughly, simply, and in. Plus the sticky labels that came with this set are going to be very useful. There are two ways in japanese to make a statement. An integrated course in elementary japanese by banno and eri banno paperback, 2011 at the best online prices at ebay. You will have no problem learning the japanese language while using the genki series. With videos for selfstudy, students can concentrate on activities in the classroom. Japanese grammar books learn japanese with the japan shop.

Genki outlines in 23 structured lessons all the fundamentals of the japanese language. Genki i integrated elementary japanese course with bookmarks. Genki ii integrated elementary japanese course with. The books were first designed for university courses, so they cover a lot of situations and vocabulary aimed at students. It was published by the japan times and written by eri banno, yoko ikeda, yutaka ohno, chikako shinagawa, and kyoko takshiki. It places emphasis on balancing accuracy, fluency, and. Abundantly illustrated and containing a wide variety of exercises, genki is sure to bring vigor to your classroom.

Before that i studied in highschool from minna no nihongo and now im teaching other st. An integrated course in elementary japanese english and japanese edition japanese 2nd edition. Tobira is usually recommended to follow after genki ii. Its organized logically for easy reference and offers a good way for beginners to get up and running quickly. When i started studying japanese, genki was like a book from heaven. Each lesson of the textbook features a culture notes section. Genki is a highly acclaimed series of integrated resources for learning elementary japanese through a wellbalanced approach to all four language skill areasspeaking, listening. Genki is an integrated textbook series widely adopted by many elementary japanese courses at colleges and high schools in japan, u. I have studied japanese in the us for 8 years now, used many different books and genki is by far the best one on the market. This book was mana from heaven when i was getting started. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The 15 best japanese textbooks to learn the language at. Genki 1 2, learning japanese for beginners 4 book bundle set, an integrated course in elementary workbook and textbook. Everything is very well explained with lots of example sentences, recurring characters who take part in various short stories and the exact right amount of vocabulary for each section.

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